Abigail Lynch (2009 – 2010)

I was honored to receive the 2009-2010 Fenske Fellowship for a proposal I developed with Kelley and my graduate advisor at MSU, Dr. Bill Taylor. My project is designed to supply the DNR Fisheries Division with much needed guidance on changes in Michigan fisheries in response to climate change and provide a means for communicating these actions to the general public and targeted audiences, including through this blog!

Abigail Lynch

Through the Fellowship project, we published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Fish Biology: “The influence of changing climate on the ecology and management of selected Laurentian Great Lakes fisheries.” Michigan is a state with diverse aquatic resources that may be significantly affected by climate change. It is the role of the manager to conserve these fisheries and facilitate the communication of this process to the public. In the context of climate change, my Fenske project is designed to do just that. Writing a draft climate change chapter for the DNR Fisheries Division Manual of Fisheries Survey Methods, I am helping the Division plan for potential changes in fisheries and aquatic resources and am directly involved in the management process.

In a way, this document is the full embodiment of the Fenske experience. Bill believes that makes the fellowship invaluable: “Mentoring between the agency and the university is essential to prepare a more effective fisheries professional. If you do it right, you will be thinking of your research and management problems from a different perspective.”

This experience has surely changed my perspective on management. It is not clear-cut, black-and-white.  Management is a dynamic process; Jan Fenske knew this and navigated it well. I can only aspire to such skill.

Read Abby’s article “Forging New Perspectives in Fisheries Science and Management” in the July 2011 Fisheries Magazine.

Read Abby’s article “The 2009-2010 Fenske Fellowship: Climate Change and the Climate of Management” in the 2011 FW Spotlight Magazine.

Read Abby’s article “The influence of changing climate on the ecology and management of selected Laurentian Great Lakes fisheries” in the Journal of Fish Biology.

Read Abby’s compiled Fenske reports.

Read Abby’s draft Fisheries Division Manual Chapter.



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