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Lake Huron Technical Committee meeting

This week I’ve had the opportunity to observe the Lake Huron Technical Committee’s winter meeting.  The committee is affiliated with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (, and it serves as a source of technical expertise on various fish stocks within Lake Huron meant to inform management.  In addition to learning a significant amount about the topics discussed here, I am also enjoying the opportunity to interact with scientists from a variety of fisheries management agencies.  It is evident that the members enjoy working with each other and have fostered strong and long-lasting relationships.  They operate well together as a group.

Last week I attended a similar meeting of the Lake Superior Technical Committee.  I was also impressed by their rapport with each other.  It seems to be conducive to an effective use of time and fruitful discussions.

Next week is the Lake Michigan Technical Committee meeting.  I was initially planning on attending, but unfortunately will not be able to due to conflicts with my course schedule this semester.  I’m hoping to make it to the summer meeting.

Next up…the Lake Committee meetings, which are made up of managers from various agencies with jurisdiction in the Great Lakes.