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Executive Status

Rochester, New York

Interim Meeting

My Fenske Fellow status snagged me an invitation to the exclusive, ultra-private, top-secret Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s (GLFC) Interim Meeting, usually held in December of every year. Actually, this meeting is not that top-secret, but it is private, for it is a time when the Commissioners and Secretariat come together to select research topics of high importance to the GLFC and to plan strategically for the future.

Though I cannot elaborate fully on the topic, the Commissioners were particularly interested discussing the GLFC’s preparedness for and ability to address future, emerging fisheries management issues under its current structure. Bob Lambe and Dr. Taylor were both interested in exploring this topic more, as was I. We plan to meet together soon to discuss my role in facilitating conversations about this topic among Commissioners and Secretariat members.

LESSON #10: Opportunities are everywhere. Take advantage of them.

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