Fellowship Information

Financial Award and Mentoring Experience

A single recipient will receive a financial award and be engaged through a rich mentoring experience. The recipient is expected to work closely with a university mentor and with a mentor from a state or federal fisheries management agency to address a practical issue facing the agency. Through these mentoring relationships, it is expected that the award recipient will benefit greatly from collaborations with university and agency mentors, from interactions with others in the agency, and from their focused consideration of a high priority, real-world issue that challenges the management agency.

Fellowship Requirements

1.  Both the Fellow and the Fellow’s Mentoring Committee must provide the Review Committee with quarterly updates on the project and the fellowship experience. Quarterly reports will be due by September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30. The fall update will occur in a face-to-face meeting attended by the Fellow, the Mentoring Committee, and the Review Committee.

2.  Formal Presentations. The Fellow must present project results in two formal venues either during the year of the fellowship or the following year: a) The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife’s Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium; and, b) The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting.

3.  Publications. The Fellow will be required to write and submit drafts articles describing their project and the fellowship experience for: a) The Spotlight (a magazine published each semester by graduate students of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife); and, b) Fisheries (a magazine published monthly by the American Fisheries Society). Please note: A regular slot in the October issue of Fisheries has been assigned for articles from Fellows. The deadline for submission is August 1, and Fellows should contact the AFS Student Subsection President to plan for article submission well ahead of time.

4.  Final Reports. All final reports should be submitted within 3 months of the end of the fellowship. The Fellow must prepare a final report for the Review Committee that describes the fellowship project in detail, their experience as a Fellow, lessons learned, and advice for future fellows. The Mentoring Committee must also prepare a final report describing the mentoring experience and advice for future mentors.

5.  Meeting with Past and Future Fellows. During the Fellowship year and in following years, current and past Fellows will be asked to attend a gathering that will include the current year’s fellowship applicants. In this gathering, Fellows will be asked to share advice with applicants and answer questions. The gathering is also intended to support the development of peer networks.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact any member of the Review Committee via e-mail prior to formal application. Upon request, a committee member will advise prospective students on the application process and will provide guidance on connecting with mentors and mentoring agencies.

Applicants are also encouraged to invite their academic advisors to contact the Review Committee Members:

James Dexter, Michigan Department of Natural Resources (dexterj1@michigan.gov)

Scott Loveridge, FW Interim Chair, Michigan State University (loverid2@msu.edu)

Jessica Mistak, Michigan Department of Natural Resources (mistakjl@michigan.gov)

Gary Whelan, Michigan Department of Natural Resources (whelang@michigan.gov)

Dana Infante, Michigan State University (infanted@msu.edu)


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