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Déjà Vu

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Board of Technical Experts Meeting: Pre-Proposals, Round 2

Well, folks, it is a new year and a new set of BOTE and SLRB meetings. Are they getting old yet, you might ask? You mean the long days, hours upon hours of listening and asking questions and making important decisions? Heck no, I love this stuff.

What a difference a year makes. Now, I know everyone in the room by their name and affiliation. I am no longer brand new to the process of discussing and reviewing proposals, which has allowed me to pay attention to bigger and better things. For example, instead of trying to figure out what a siscowet is (FYI, it is one of the three morphotypes or forms of lake trout in Lake Superior, and it is distinguished from the others because of its physical characteristics and presence in deep-water), I am making connections between climate change, hybridization, and siscowets.

So, you know the drill. If you are interested in reading a fuller description of what goes on during the winter BOTE meeting, please refer to “Fenske Firsts.”

This week, Bob Lambe (GLFC), Dr. Bill Taylor (MSU), and I had a long discussion about my involvement in a couple of projects related to my Fenske Fellowship work. First, we are all interested in raising the profile law enforcement as an important fisheries management tool. Working with the Law Enforcement Committee directly, I plan to submit a symposium for the 145th American Fisheries Society (AFS) Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. This symposium will bring together law enforcement officers and fisheries managers representing all sectors to discuss the importance of law enforcement in ensuring fisheries sustainability. Symposium abstracts are due in March 2015, so I will be working closely with Bob Lambe, Dr. Bill Taylor, and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) on abstract submissions. Second, as I mentioned in the last blog post, I will be assisting the GLFC in conducting a strategic evaluation of their organization’s vision and mission. Bob Lambe, Dr. Taylor, and I plan to work with a facilitator from Michigan State University (MSU), John Beck, to help conduct this evaluation with the Commissioners and Secretariat.

In other news, Julie Hinderer (Sea Lamprey Research Program Associate) and I teamed up once again to challenge Dr. Mike Jones (MSU) and Dr. Stu Ludsin (THE OSU) to an intense Euchre game. Boys won. Boo. 

Sea Lamprey Research Board Meeting: Full Proposals, Round 2

From Thursday, March 5 to Friday, March 6, 2015, I attended my second round of SLRB meetings. If you are interested in reading a fuller description of what goes on during the winter SLRB meeting, please refer to “Fenske Firsts.”

I should mention that today is my birthday. I guess I am a little sad that I have spent the past two birthdays of mine with the SLRB instead of with my family or friends, but this is real life. Actually, to be completely honest, this birthday was pretty special. Some of the readers may know that I greatly admire Dr. Steve Cooke (Carleton University) as a huge fisheries researcher role model in my life. Well, today he sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Julie Hinderer and Jess Ives (Program Associates) also presented me with a piece of cake. It was so awesome.


My special slice of birthday cake. Cheers to 26! Photo credit: Molly J. Good

LESSON #11: Be adaptable.

LESSON #12: Appreciate constructive criticism.

LESSON #13: Seek mentors that both support and challenge you.

LESSON #14: The only real way to learn about how science is used to inform management and policy decisions is to immerse oneself in the process.

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